Clarke Law Office, LLC online video consultations for your convenience.

Scheduling a Skype consultation is easy and only three steps.

Step 1:

Give us a call at 770-450-8003 or via live chat using the box in the lower right hand corner. Let our scheduling representative know you are interested in an appointment via Skype.

Step 2:

All you need to get started with Skype is an Internet connection, camera and a microphone/speaker on your computer (opening a Skype account is free).

Step 3:

Please log in to Skype ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, and add your attorney’s username to your Skype contacts. To add a contact, go to “Contacts” then “Add Contact” and add your attorney’s Skype username, which will be provided to you in your confirmation email.

Once the contact is added, please click the “call” button to reach our office and begin your consultation.

If you need assistance in setting up your video consultation session, please give us a call and we will walk you through the process.