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o Contract Drafting
o Preparing Employee Contracts & Handbooks
o Business Entity Formation (Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships)
o Business Litigation
o Contract Negotiations

We are an experienced transactional and litigation attorney and well-positioned to assist you with your business planning matters. I have relevant experience in forming and running small businesses, Entertainment & Financial startups, and have drafted, negotiated, and reviewed contracts in a variety of practice areas.

One of the things that I would ask you to consider is what your ultimate goals in your business. You can legally protect your assets and pass on your wealth to the next generation without risking your freedom with a carefully legitimate estate plan and business planning. Please contact us and we can discuss your business goals, formation issues, and fee arrangements.

The firm assists individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations with Business Law Matters. If you have any questions or would like to meet with an attorney, please contact us by clicking the link above or by phone or email.

Usually, the start of a new business entails the filing of proper paperwork with the State and the IRS and timing are essential. The process begins with selecting the type of business entity you wish to conduct business under such as a sole proprietor, partnerships, corporations, or limited liability company.

A sole proprietor is a stand-alone person who is in complete control of their business and are personally liable for any liabilities that occur in operating their business. A partnership consists of two or more persons in agreement to operate a business. This form of business can be established by a written agreement or an informal agreement and each partner is usually responsible for the liabilities that occur in the operation of the Partnership. However, the partnership differs from a sole proprietorship in that the partnership is actually considered a separate entity. For tax purposes, both types of entities owners are personally responsible for the taxes of the entities.

However, there exist several different types of partnerships that are general partnership, limited partnership, and limited liability partnership. Generally, in a limited liability partnership, the partners are afforded the protection of limited liability. In essence, it affords them the same protection as a corporation.

A Corporation is a separate entity that is incorporated with a state and consists of shareholders that adhere to the articles of incorporation, shareholder agreement, or bylaws. If properly operated, a corporation may have the special protection of limited liability. For tax purposes, most corporations have to pay two taxes. Thus, this sometimes makes it unpopular with small business owners. However, with an S-Corporation, it affords the protection of a regular corporation but the shareholders are taxed personally and it has certain restrictions. Next, the newest entity type is known as a limited liability company which is somewhat of a hybrid of a corporation and a partnership. It is afforded the protection of a corporation and the ease of operations like a partnership. Further, it may be taxed as a sole proprietor, a partnership, or a corporation.


The firm assists business owners and individuals with business matters. If you have any questions or would like to meet with an attorney, please contact us by clicking the link above or by phone or email.

Example of fees:
Letter $250-$1000
Office Consultation $150
15-minute phone consultation $75
Email consultation $75
* If hired consultation fee is credited to your legal fees.



Contract Review
We will:·           Review the proposed agreement or contract·           Discuss your concerns and issues·           Give you specific advice on the issues·           Make suggested revisions

Services not included in the flat fee:

·           Review of business or real estate sale agreements

·           Lengthy or complex contracts

·           Rewriting the contract

·           A formal, written legal opinion

·           Attorney time in excess of 2 hours

·           Negotiation with the other party



Copyright or Trademark Consultation



Entity Setup Services

Business Organizations

We will:
*   Initial consultation with Attorney

  • Reserve the name of your choice for the corporation or LLC, if necessary;
  • Prepare standard Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization (LLC);
  • Filing all required documents with the Secretary of State
  • Obtaining a Tax ID Number (EIN) for your new company
  • For a Corporation, preparing your By-Laws and organizational minutes
  • For an LLC, preparing your Operating Agreement
  • Customized Company Minute Book and Seal with your Company Name
  • Follow-up consultation with Attorney – to deliver your Company Minute Book, Certificate of Incorporation (or Certificate of Organization), sign all required documents, and answer any additional questions, so you are ready to start doing business!






$800.00 plus filing fees $100 and if needed publication fee


Initial review of a document $75 per page (negotiation not included), your attorney will review and advise you regarding the document. (Minimum fee for review is $250)