Mendez-Rojas v. Johnson (Court has to remove impidiments to filing asylum applications within 1 year of arriving)

A federal court in Seattle issued a favorable and far-reaching decision in our class action lawsuit, Mendez Rojas v. Johnson. The court’s ruling orders the government to remove significant impediments to filing asylum applications within one year of arriving in the United States, as required by law.


Specifically, under the court’s ruling, the Department of Homeland Security must provide all class members—defined as individuals who enter the United States, express a fear of return to their home countries, and then are released from immigration custody—with written notice of the one-year deadline, and the government must accept as timely filed any asylum application from a class member that is filed within one-year of adoption of the notice. The court also ordered the government to adopt, publicize, and implement uniform procedural mechanisms that will e

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Source: American Immigration Council