How to evict someone in Georgia

 The eviction process entails the following:  Notice; Court filing of Dispossessory; and the Court Hearing. After you obtain a Writ  of Possession Order it may take two or more business days to reach the Marshal’s office.

The Marshal’s office also outlines practical arrangements that are the evicting landlord’s responsibility and gives some tips for evictions in DeKalb County, including

  • Provide sufficient labor to safely remove all items, usually a minimum of five workers, who you can find by contacting a company that specializes in “eviction services” in the Yellow Pages.
  • Provide a way to gain entry to the property, such as a pass key or locksmith.
  • Once a deputy has made a safety sweep of the location and given you permission to start, have your labor crew remove all items of value and place them on the closest right-of-way. Items removed from apartments or condos can be placed in the nearest parking space.
  • Bring large bags or boxes to pack smaller items.
  • Change all locks and secure the location immediately upon the competition of the eviction.
  • Vehicles can be removed by a wrecker service of your choosing and expense.
  • Once the deputy has completed the eviction, evicted items are considered abandoned, per Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 44-7-55).

Source: ajc